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Over one million sign petition demanding second Brexit referendum in UK

The petition passed the million mark this morning, with votes most targeted in London, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester.

Over 1,000,000 folks have signed a petition within the Great Britain line of work for a second vote over the country’s EU membership following the shock Brexit vote.

The petition can currently got to be mentioned within the British Parliament, having crossed one hundred,000 signatures needed to trigger a dialogue within the House of Commons.

The UK voted to go away the EU by fifty two to forty eight per cent in Thursday’s vote however the bulk of voters in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed the stay aspect in an exceedingly seventy two per cent turnout.

The petition passed the million mark this morning, with votes most targeted in London, Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester.

The petition started by William King Oliver Healey reads, “We the undersigned decision upon Her Majesty’s Government to implement a rule that if the stay or Leave vote is a smaller amount than sixty per cent primarily based a turnout but seventy five per cent there ought to be another vote.”

The website of the parliamentary petition at one purpose crashed attributable to the quantity of individuals adding their names to the decision for an additional vote.

It remains unclear if a modification to the foundations demanded by the petition were to come back into force and inserted into Great Britain legislation, may be applied retrospectively.

After the Scottish independence vote in 2014, the forty five per cent of voters United Nations agency lost started an identical campaign for an additional vote.

A second vote in Scotland is currently seemingly when 1st Minister Nicola ganoid fish same there had been a “significant change” to the circumstances of the initial poll which it ought to be back “on the table”.

A parallel petition line of work for London civil authority Sadiq Khan to declare ‘Londependence’, or British people capital Associate in Nursing freelance state, when the united kingdom voted to quit the EU has conjointly been signed by thousands of individuals.

The petition’s organiser James O’Malley, same the capital was “a world city” that ought to “remain at the center of Europe”.

An overwhelming sixty per cent of Londoners had voted to stay within the EU, in stark distinction to different English cities like Birmingham and Coventry.


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