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Google Glass May Assist Paramedics in Disaster Areas

Wearable augmented-reality gadget Google Glass may help paramedics and crisis medical technicians in calamity.

Boston: Wearable augmented reality gadget Google Glass may help paramedics and crisis medical technicians in a debacle zones help harmed patients by rapidly counseling specialists continuously.

At the point when people on call enter the scene of a dynamic shooting or compound spill, they should quickly choose how to organize understanding consideration.

The present framework utilizes shading coded labels relating to the earnestness of a patient's wounds.

Notwithstanding, people on call don't generally have the medical ability to precisely distinguish who needs the most squeezing consideration.

"Amid calamities, crisis rooms ordinarily get overpowered. So when genuinely harmed patients appear later, we have no place to put them," said Subside Chai, from the College of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) in the US.

Despite the fact that Google Glass fizzled as a shopper item, it is getting a second life as an instrument that transforms paramedics and crisis medical technicians into strolling telemedicine suites, 'Mainstream Science' reported.

Wearing it while surveying patients permits them to counsel specialists and different specialists back at the healing center continuously. 


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