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How do you become a merchant on Flipkart? What are the Documents Required for Free Registration on Flipkart

Flipkart sold merchandise value over USD one Billion throughout the year 2013-14 and features a client base of over 2.6 crore registered users.
E-commerce is booming in India – due to looking portals like Flipkart, SnapDeal, and Amazon that has revolutionized the net searching expertise for Indian shoppers. Innovative models like cash on delivery and same day delivery backed by low costs have spurred a lot of clients to buy on-line,creating Flipkart – India’s largest electronic commerce store. Flipkart sold merchandise value over USD one Billion throughout the year 2013-14 and features a client base of over 2.6 crore registered users. Flipkart presently ships over fifty lakhs shipments every month and generates over eighty lakh daily page visits. Therefore, there's a tremendous business chance for those that sell on Flipkart by changing into a Flipkart vender. we glance away to become a Flipkart vendor and sell on Flipkart.

How to Become a Flipkart Seller

To sell on Flipkart, an individual or business should become a Flipkart vendor by sign language on with Flipkart. the method for sign language on as a Flipkart vendor is simple and may be started from the Flipkart seller homepage. someone or business will signup as a Flipkart vendor by providing info regarding the business and therefore the product the vendor proposes to sell through Flipkart. a number of the main points that has to be provided and verified throughout the Flipkart vendor registration method include:

  • Name 
  • Email address 
  • Telephone number 
  • Pickup address/business location
  • Classes of item the business is occupied with offering through Flipkart 
  • Business enlistment reports 
  • Charge enlistment reports
  • Cancelled cheque
Business Registration 

In addition to the fundamental info concerning the vendor, the subsequent business connected info and documents should be submitted to Flipkart throughout the Flipkart marketer registration method. TIN registration is mandatory to sign up in the Flipkart to sell the products.

Selling on Flipkart as a Private Ltd Company or Sole proprietor firm

If a private decides to sell on Flipkart on his/her own name and legal standing. The business can mechanically be seemed to be a Sole ownership business. A sole ownership business doesn't provide financial obligation protection to the promoter, isn't simply transferable, cannot have investors or partners, not terribly ascendable and has restricted capability to get bank loans. Therefore, it's best to avoid turning into a marketer on Flipkart employing a sole proprietary entity. just in case a sole ownership is chosen, the subsequent documents might get to be submitted:

Identity Proof

Signed declaration on the business letter paper stating that the individual owns and manages the checking account command within the name of the business.

  • Statement of bank accounting registered on Flipkart payment gateway.
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voters ID
  • Driving License
  • Any other photograph card
  • Letter from a recognized Public Authority or employee confirming identity.
Address Proof 

  • Telephone bill (Fixed line) within the name of the proprietary firm
  • Electricity bill within the name of the proprietary firm
  • Bank Account Statement within the name of the proprietary
  • Letter from leader
  • Ration card
  • Lease or license agreement
  • Letter from a recognized Public Authority or employee confirming identity.
Selling on Flipkart as a Private Ltd Company.

Becoming a Flipkart marketer – as a private Ltd. is one in every of the foremost preferred ways of turning into a Flipkart marketer because it provides financial obligation protection to promoters, separate legal entity, simple exchangeability, ability to require on investors or partners and quickly scale-up operations. the subsequent documents should be submitted to a non-public restricted Company:

Identity Proof

  • A copy of Certificate of Incorporation of private Ltd.
  • Copy of memoranda of Association
  • Company firm PAN Card
  • Address Proof 
  • Company phone bill (Land phone)
  • Company Electricity bill
  • Lease or rental agreement
 Merchandising on Flipkart as an LLP / Partnership Firm

A Flipkart marketer also can be a Partnership Firm. However, it's preferred to register an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) whereas sign language on as a Flipkart marketer because it provides financial obligation protection, simple exchangeability, separate legal entity and different documents needed to quickly become a Flipkart merchant.

Identity Proof

  • Partnership registration or LLP Incorporation Certificate
  • Partnership deed
  • Power of professional person granted to a Partner or a worker of the LLP or Partnership firm to interact business on its behalf
  • Any document distinctive Partners and also the person holding the ability of professional person with their images
  • PAN Card of the LLP or Partnership Firm
Address Proof 

  • Any officially valid document confirming the address of the Partners and also the persons holding the facility of professional person
  • Firm/Partner’s phone bill
  • Firm/Partner’s Electricity bill
  • Lease or Rental agreement
  • Company Electricity bill
  • Lease or License agreement
Flipkart Seller: Tax Registration demand

Once the Flipkart trafficker has selected and registered an acceptable business entity for the projected business, the subsequent tax registration and checking account within the name of the business or entity are going to be required:

  • Business firm name
  • PAN – PAN Card of the individual or personal Ltd. or partnership
  • TIN – TIN range is additionally referred to as VAT range / excise tax range / civil time range within the name of business
  • TAN – TAN is needed for write-down at supply (TDS) – within the name of business
  • Bank account name
  • Bank account range
  • Bank IFSC code

How did you register in Flipkart if you don't have TOT/TIN

You can register as a seller with only PAN, but you may be eligible to sell only books. If you would like to sell the other product, you may compulsorily need a VAT/TIN.

How and When you will get Payment from Flipkart ?

Payment will get direct credit in your account by NEFT transaction within 7 to 14 days of dispatching the order.

How many listing are required for selling in Flipkart

Listing required for selling in Flipkart is minimum 10 listings (unique products) to start selling on the flip kart.


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