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Ferrari to reveal its quickest convertible ever

Ferrari is getting ready to unveil a brand new supercar that you just nearly definitely cannot afford.

That doesn't extremely matter, though, since Ferrari has already pre-sold each single one in every of these cars that it'll ever create.

The automotive are going to be a convertible version of the intense LaFerrari supercar, the foremost dear street-legal Ferrari ever.

But the auto manufacturer will not reveal specifics like the car's name, its asking price or what percentage are going to be factory-made, till the Paris Motor Show in September.

Prices for the LaFerrari started at over $1.4 million, and solely 499 of them were offered purchasable. like this new automotive, all 499 LaFerraris were sold  by the time it had been undraped at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The LaFerrari may be a plug-in hybrid automotive combining a 789 H.P. V12 engine with an electrical drive system that enhances total power output to 950 H.P..

A LaFerrari will go from zero to sixty miles Associate in Nursing hour in below 3 seconds, Associate in Nursingd features a prime speed of over 217 miles an hour, per Ferrari, that calls this "the most extreme performance ever achieved by a Ferrari production automotive."

This new convertible version definitely value additional.

In order to take care of those performance numbers, this new model required vital changes to its body's engineering. that is as a result of, while not a roof, the bodies of convertible cars tend to flex quite hard-topped cars that hurts performance. amazingly, this automobile will have a similar mechanics performance because the hard-top LaFerrari, per Ferrari.


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