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How To Apply For A TIN Number (Tax info Network)

 What is a TIN?

Tax info Network (TIN) is AN initiative created by revenue enhancement Department of Asian nation to modernize the present system for assortment, processing, observance and accounting of direct taxes victimization info technology. it's a repository of Tax connected info from across the country. it's distinctive registration eleven digit variety that's used for identification of dealers registered beneath VAT.

Who ought to register for TIN?

TIN variety registration is needed for makers, Traders, ,Exporters and Dealers. once new registration is beneathtaken beneath VAT or Central excise tax a brand new TIN are assigned under identification number. The TIN variety ought to seem on all Quotations/Orders/Invoices by each causation Company and Receiving Company.

What is the procedure of TIN registration?

You can apply for this variety on-line or visit one amongst the governments several facilitation centres across the country and submit this kind.

Visit this link to search out the one nighest to you.

These area unit the documents that you simply can got to apply for a TIN variety

1. ID Proof / Address proof / PAN card of man of affairs with six pictures

2. Address proof of Business premises

3. first Sale / Purchase Invoice, copy of LR/GR & payment/collection proof with statement

4. Surety/Security/Reference.

This may dissent slightly from State to State. when these documents area unit checked and scrutinized, a novel TIN variety is provided to human. For candidates United Nations agency have Central excise tax variety, this will be modified to TIN variety for the asking by the tax department.

What is VAT? 

Introduced to interchange the nuisance tax, VAT may be a multi-point levy on every of the entities within the offer chain with the availability to permit ‘Input diminution (ITC)’ on tax at associate degree earlier stage, which might be confiscated against the VAT liability on subsequent  sale.

Who is prone to register for VAT? 

Any commerce or maker, whether or not a sole proprietary or a partnership firm or a personal Ltd., that sells its merchandise is prone to be registered for VAT.

What is the procedure of VAT registration?

1. Submit associate degree application for VAT in kind one along side the subsequent documents to the native VAT office:

• Central nuisance tax registration certificate(Form A)

• skilled tax registration certificate(Form 2)

• Copy of vital documents like the address proof, ID proof of the Proprietor/Partner/Director

• Four PP size images of the Proprietor/Partner/Director

• PAN No. & checking account No of the Proprietor/Partner/Director

• Copy of the rental agreement of the business place

• Details of business activities

• Partnership deed (in case of a partnership firm)

• note of Association and Articles of Association (in case of a personal restricted company)

2. The authorities from the native VAT workplace can examine the premises of wherever you conduct business among a prescribed time

3. Once the review is over, you may ought to pay a specific fee to the native workplace for your VAT registration

4. On payment of the fee, a TIN range are assigned to you for your business and you may even be given the VAT registration Certificate.

How to Apply for Registration Certificate for outlets & institutions

In our last journal on retailers and institutions, we have a tendency to spoke concerning the kind of companies that came beneath the range of the retailers & institutions Act, the various rules under that, the records to be maintained and in short, the procedure of registration and closure.

Today, we have a tendency to shall discuss in complete details the procedures concerned in obtaining the registration certificate beneath the retailers and institution Act. Note, each state has its own set of rules and procedures during this class. Below, we have a tendency to offer you an outline. However, it's advisable  to examine for the precise provisions at the Registrar’s workplace in your state of domicile.

What is associate Establishment?

Includes a store, business institution, residential edifice, restaurant, eating place, theater, or alternative place of public amusement or diversion to that this Act applies and includes such alternative institution because the government could, by notification within the Official Gazette, declare to be an institution for the needs of this Act.

What is a Shop?

Shop means that any premises:

• wherever merchandise area unit sold-out, either by retail, wholesale, or
• wherever services area unit rendered to customers.
• It includes associate workplace a store-room, godown, warehouse or work place, whether or not within the same premises or otherwise, employed in reference to such trade/ business

A shop doesn't embody a plant, an advert institution, residential edifice, restaurant, eating place, theater or alternative place of public amusement or entertainment;

Registration of outlets & Establishments:

As a business owner of a store or institution, you're mandatorily needed to urge a similar registered beneath the outlets and institution Act. Here ar the precise rules:

• Submit associate degree application within the prescribed type to the Inspector of the world among thirty days of beginning any add your shop/establishment. the applying is to be submitted in conjunction with the prescribed fees and may contain the subsequent information:

  • Your name because the leader and therefore the name of a       manager, if any;
  • The communicating address of your establishment;
  • The name of your establishment;
  • Such alternative particulars as is also prescribed.

• Upon receiving the applying for registration and therefore the fees, the Inspector shall verify the accuracy and correctness of the applying. Once befittingly glad, he shall enter the small print within the Register of institutions and issue a registration certificate of your institution to you. This certificate are valid for five years and needs to be revived thenceforth.

• Remember, the registration certificate needs to be conspicuously displayed at your institution.

Communication of amendment to the Inspector: 

just in case of any amendment in respect of any data given throughout the applying for registration, an equivalent must be notified to the Inspector’s workplace among fifteen days once the amendment has taken place.

Once again the Inspector can verify the correctness of the small print supplied with, build the connected amendment within the Register of institutions, amend the registration certificate or issue a contemporary registration certificate, as he might see work.

Closing institution|of multinational|of firm} to be Communicated to Inspector: 

just in case you're progressing to close your establishment, among fifteen days of closing the institution, send word to the Inspector in writing the date of such closure and come back the registration certificate. once due verification, the Inspector shall take away the name of your institution from the Register of institutions and cancel your registration certificate.


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