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Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Biography

Entrepreneur and capitalist Paul Allen is best illustrious for being the founder, with entrepreneur, of Microsoft.

                  Paul Allen


Born in 1954 in port of entry, Washington, Paul Allen met fellow lakeshore college student and pc enthusiast entrepreneur once Allen was fourteen and Gates was twelve. under a decade later, in 1975, school drop-outs Allen and Gates supported Microsoft. Allen resigned once being diagnosed with lymphoma in 1983, and these days continues to pursue alternative business, research, and philanthropic opportunities.

Early Entrepreneurial Ventures

Entrepreneur and capitalist. Born in 1954, in Seattle, Washington. whereas attending the lakeshore college outside port of entry, 14-year-old Paul Allen met 12-year-old entrepreneur, a fellow student and pc enthusiast. under a decade later, in June 1975, Allen and Gates, each school dropouts; Allen from Washington State University supported Microsoft with the intention of coming up with computer code for the new wave of non-public computers. By the time Allen organized for Microsoft to shop for Associate in Nursing software referred to as Q-DOS for $50,000, the corporate had already provided computer code for rising firms equivalent to Apple and commissioned naval officer. Gates and Allen reinvented Q-DOS as disk operating system and put in it because the software for IBM' laptop providing, that dominated the market once its unharness in 1981.

Departure from Microsoft

In 1983, Allen, referred to as the "idea man" counterpart to Gates' "man of action," resigned from Microsoft once being diagnosed with lymphoma, and undergoing many months of radiation treatment. As Microsoft grew and its stock steady rose, Allen's share within the company he co-founded created him a wealthy person at simply over thirty years older. Meanwhile, Allen began to target different comes, hoping to seek out future massive plan lurking somewhere simply out of sight. In 1986, he originated a corporation referred to as Roman deity Ventures so as to analysis doable investments; thereto finish, he based a geographic area think factory in 1992 referred to as Interval analysis. Through Interval analysis and Roman deity Ventures, Allen began to place his long-run dream of a wired world society—in that nearly everyone seems to be online—into apply.

Diverse Investments

His investments were diverse: America on-line, SureFind (an on-line commercials service), Teluscan (an on-line monetary service), Starwave (an on-line content provider), hardware, software, and wireless communications. From 1994 to 1998, Allen designed AN infrastructure of brim over thirty completely different firms in pursuit of his "wired world" strategy. With Vulcan's 1998 purchases of Marcus Cable and over ninety p.c of Charter Communications, Allen became the owner of the nation's seventh largest cable company. In 1999, he invested with nearly $2 billion within the RCN corporation, transferral his total holdings within the cable and web businesses to over $25 billion.

He has additionally invested with an honest deal within the production of interactive media and amusement. In total, Allen has major investments in over a hundred "new media" firms. In late 1999, Allen and Roman deity Ventures united to fund, an online amusement company shaped as a partnership between 2 distinguished production companies: Imagine amusement, supported by director West Chadic Howard and producer Brian Grazer, and DreamWorks SKG, supported by amusement giants Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen. Allen, already AN capitalist in DreamWorks, reportedly invested with $50 billion within the company, that aims to make and distribute short options solely on the net. was set to debut within the spring of 2000, however did not get off the bottom. Allen has additionally invested with in gas Media, a highly-touted company co-founded by Oprah Winfrey and dedicated to manufacturing cable and web programming for girls.

Other Interests

Other personal and philanthropic interests embrace sports (he owns the NBA's Portland Trailblazers and also the NFL's point of entry Seahawks) and music. On June 23, 2000, his expertise Music Project, a $250 million interactive rock 'n' roll deposit designed by the designer Frank O. Gehry, can open in point of entry. Allen co-founded EMP together with his sister, Jody Allen Patton, WHO can function the museum's decision maker. In April 2003, he declared he would be defrayal $20 million to create the fantasy expertise, which can open summer 2004. The deposit is beaked as "entertaining and stimulating exhibits and programs." Allen has additionally established philanthropic foundations for the causes of medical analysis, visual and liberal arts, community service, and forest preservation.

Allen, with a web price of around $30 billion, is variably reported  to be from the second- to the fourth-richest man within the world (depending on the present price of Microsoft stock). a frenzied Jimi Hendrix enthusiast, Allen plays rhythm stringed instrument in a very point of entry band known as adult Men; the band free their 1st CD within the spring of 2000.

Allen lives on Lake Washington's Mercer Island, close to city.


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