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Do You Know How to Apply for a Credit card & Get Approved Fast

A Credit card is most helpful for the individuals who shop at the Retail shops and online shopping, Recharges and some other payment credit card was the easiest way to compensate. 
A Credit card is an installment card issued to customers (cardholders) as a strategy for installment. It permits the cardholder to pay for the merchandise and administrations in light of the holder's guarantee to pay for them.  The banker of the card (normally a bank) makes a spinning record and allows a credit extension to the Credit cardholder, from which the cardholder can get cash for the installment to a vendor or as a loanword.

Why You Need the Credit card?

Before experiencing the progressions to get a Credit card, how about we examine why you may require the Credit card.  A Credit card is most helpful for the individuals who shop at the Retail shops and online shopping, Recharges and some other payment credit card was the easiest way to compensate.  Particularly in the outcome that you shop on the worldwide site to purchase a few administrations or items.  In the event that you simply shop just in Indian sites, then most probably you won't bother with any Credit card.  Since a large dowry of the Indian sites underpins online Net banking these days.

A couple of more motivation to have a Credit card is, whether you have a business, and then you should have a Mastercard.  It is one of the essential things to have before beginning any online business or offline business.  In the event that you have to send installment from PayPal to any other client, then the Creditcard card is an absolute essential for Indian customers now.

How to Get a credit card?

If you ask this question you are new to the credit card. So, you have to choose a bank, which bank is offering for Freshers because all banks are not offering the credit card without ITRs , only some of the banks in India like HDFC Credit Cards this bank offers new users and accounts holders of their banks and limit will also give more compared to other banks.

Banks are offering the credit card to existing customers in their bank and also how are interested they can apply online or directly to the sales officers of the bank by filling the credit card application form.

If you have an existing card holder using for past two years, then you have eligibility for the other bank card by card to card processing ,most of the banks are offering card to card only.

What is the Requirement for applying the Creditcard?

Resident Customers

Pan Card copy/Letter from IT dept

Identity Proof:

  • Pan Card (back & front)
  • Driving License (copy of name,add,photo pages)
  • Valid Passport(copy of name,add,photo pages)
  • Voter ID(back & front)
  • Mapin card copy

Address Proof: 

  • Elec Bill,Phone Bill(not over two months old)
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport, Visa
  • Ration Card
  • Bank stat, Passbook( not>3months)
  • Voters ID
  • Flat maintenance Bill(Not>2 months)
  • Rent Agreement

Non-Resident Customers

Non-Resident Customers
A) For NRI customers met personally

1. Address Proof [Either address or the Overseas Address]
2. NonEnglish language declaration (In case of Document during a foreign language)

Document Requirements for Proof of address

Mailing Address is a foreign address:

  • Photocopy of the utility bills less than three months previous.
  • Photocopy of overseas financial statement less than three months previous.
  • Photocopy of a valid permanent permit.
  • Photocopy of state issued ID Card.
  • Photocopy of credit card statement less than three months previous.
  • Photocopy of lease agreement / rent receipt (not quite three months old).
  • Photocopy of appointment letter.
  • Photocopy of company ID card with the address.
  • Original letter from the leader for the purpose of account opening on letter paper.
  • Photocopy of passport.
  • Proof of address of the sponsor beside proof of relationship of the first applied with the sponsor.
  • Photocopy of a financial statement of an NRI accounts with another bank.

Mailing Address is associate Indian address:

  • Photocopy of Valid Passport.
  • Photocopy of Valid Permanent driving license.
  • Original phone bill of personal or public operators (e.g. MTNL, BSNL, Reliance, Airtel & Tata Indicom) not exceptional two months before the date of account opening.
  • Original Mobile postpaid bill - Airtel, Hutch, BSNL, idea Cellular, etc.
  • Original Electricity bill - not extraordinary two months before the date of account opening.
  • Original bank account statement - not exceptional three months before the date of account opening.
  • Photocopy of identity card.
  • Photocopy of Election card / Voters ID card (if it's addressed).
  • Photocopy of Letter from the society (only Registered societies) - on the letter paper, that carries the society's Registration No. The letter should carry the applicant's name & full address additionally because of the signatories full name, designation (Secretary, President) and address.
  • Photocopy of Monthly outgoings bill from Registered Housing society - on the letter paper that carries the society's Registration No. (Maintenance charges receipt issued by the society NOT acceptable).
  • Photocopy of Title deeds of the property punctually registered and sealed.
  • Photocopy of Lease deed/Rent agreement copies punctually sealed.
  • Photocopy of Senior voters card from Indian Railways/Indian Airlines (if it's addressed).
  • Letter from any recognized public authority (In original).
CIBIL Score for Credit card

The minimum CIBIL score required getting a credit card

CIBIL scores square measure usually within the range of 300-900.  An honest CIBIL score could fall somewhere in the range of 700 upwards.  Most banks and money establishments follow the same pattern of distribution credit to your rating thus knowing one bank’s minimum CIBIL score for a credit card ought to be an inexpensive basis to see minimum needs of depository financial institutions generally.

Banks sometimes settle for a CIBIL score within the range of 700-750 associate degrees higher than to issue a credit card to an applied. this can be subject to the applier meeting all different eligibility needs.

However, there area unit some credit cards offered to persons with low credit scores. the first fall you will know your CIBIL score before applying.

Address Verification Process after Applying for the Credit card

Address verification is set out after login your documents within one or two days.  Third party verification has used the bank for confirmation.

 Your application for the credit card will be rejected if your door has to to be locked when the verification executive will visit your address.

The self-employed was applied for the credit card then verification was in a resident address and office address will be verified.


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