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How to Make Money With Social Media

Social media is an opportunity to make money online from home here not required any office you can work from anywhere you like and work on free time. making money from social media based on skills and passion. I like only make money without any investment like many people. social media giving very big opportunity for many people. they are earning millions of dollars on social media. social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, google plus, Pinterest, Digg,..etc. like this, so many social media sites have crores of users are active. so, this social media platforms is a great way promote your business and product to make money.

Here I am not writing 100s of ways to make money from social media. I want to discuss only 1 types of the method to making money from social media this is more effective way to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means an agency to the company for selling their products from your referral code. From this method, many people are earning millions of dollars monthly. for this affiliate marketing not required any website just you have to promote the product from your social media networks. let us discuss briefly affiliate marketing.

  • Affiliate programmes are mainly conducted e-commerce sites and online services. Ex: Clickbank, Amazon, Flipkart,..etc.

I am Sharing the information about Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing: Clickbank pays commissions high when compare to other competitive sites. Clickbank is a trusted site must of the affiliate marketers are the members of Clickbank. Clickbank is Free to signup let us start the life changing journey.

Step 1: Create Account on Clickbank or Login- Enter the details of Personal Information, Banking Information, and Account Information. complete the formalities.

Step 2: Go to Marketplace on dashboard click on the marketplace by default appears a list of categories. choose one of them you like to Promote on social media.

Step 3: Select the product from selected category. Here I selected E- business & E- marketing as the category from that I selected a product of Taking surveys for cash-#1 Paid Survey Site on CB.

Step 4: Promote the product by clicking the promote button you can get a link to the particular product. copy the link and paste it on any of social media account and publish it.  my suggestion is to create a facebook page for affiliate marketing it gives good results then your personal profile page.

  • Note: Commission will get only when the user will purchase the product or service.


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