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Google says users safe from 'QuadRooter' vulnerabilities

After the invention of the QuadRooter vulnerability touching android devices with Qualcomm chips, Google aforesaid that the Verify Apps feature, enclosed in Google Play, doesn't let malicious apps have an effect on devices.

According to an announcement issued to humanoid Central, A Google interpreter confirmed that the Verify Apps will determine and block apps exploitation QuadRooter.

He additionally noted that 3 of the four vulnerabilities have already been fastened and therefore the fourth one involving CVE-2016-5340 are going to be controlled within the next security bulletin.

However, he noted that the most issue for the attacks is attributed to the carelessness of users UN agency transfer and install malicious apps even once being notified regarding the vulnerability.

In such a situation, the users would have to be compelled to manually disable the safety feature to be affected. All devices running on four.2 or on top of ought to block all threats involving the new threat and users mustn't worry regarding attacks unless they transfer harmful content.

The QuadRooter vulnerability has raised several queries as previous reports indicated that quite 900 million mechanical man devices, however, most of the device have the Verify App which is able to block any malicious apps.


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