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Urjit Patel appointed RBI Governor,Who is Urjit Patel

In September 2016, Urjit Patel can take over because the twenty fourth Governor of the reserve bank of India(RBI).

Urjit Patel has been appointed the reserve bank of India (RBI) Governor.

"The appointment has been created supported the advice of the financial Sector regulatory Appointments Search Committee (FSRASC), headed by the cabinet Secretary. The Committee undertook an intensive exercise to recommend a panel of names to the Appointments Committee of cabinet (ACC)," an announcement from the ACC aforesaid.

Mr. Urjit Patel has been serving as Deputy Governor of the central bank for over 3 years. A panel underneath his office had planned inflation-targeting and also the putting in of a financial policy committee.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday command Associate in Nursing hour-long discussion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the appointment of a replacement Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) Governor, a post that may fall vacant on September 4.

Mr. Urjit Patel holds a doctor's degree (Ph.D) in economics from Yale University. he's additionally a graduate of the University of London and Oxford University. he's called Associate in Nursing professional on inflation and has additionally been with the International Monetary Fund and also the Boston Consulting cluster.

In September 2016, Urjit Patel can take over because the twenty fourth Governor of the reserve bank of India.

Brief Layout of Urjit Patel Education and Profession so Far

In the wake of getting his PhD, Dr. Urjit Patel joined the Global Financial Fund (IMF) in 1990 chipped away at the USA, India, Bahamas and Myanmar work areas at IMF till 1995.

From that point he went on assignment the IMF to the Reserve Bank of India, Urjit Patel assumed an admonitory part in the advancement of the obligation market, saving money division changes, benefits reserve changes, focusing of genuine conversion scale.

After the two-year assignment with Reserve Bank Of India (RBI), Urjit Patel turned into an Expert to the Legislature of India in the Service of Fund, Bureau of Financial Undertakings - a position he held from 1998 to 2001.

Somewhere around 2000 and 2004, Dr. Urjit Patel worked with a few Abnormal state Panels at both Focal and State Government level, including Rivalry Commission, Team on Direct Expenses, Leader's Team on Base, Gathering of Priests on Telecom Matters, Admonitory Advisory group on Examination Tasks and Market Thinks about, Council on Common Flying Changes, Master Bunch on State Power Loads up and Abnormal state Master Bunch on Common and Barrier Administrations Benefits Framework.

On 11 January 2013, Urjit Patel was named as Delegate Legislative head of Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) for a time of three years. He assumed control charge of the indispensable Fiscal Strategy Office, succeeding Subir Gokarn to the post.

On 20 August 2016, Urjit Patel named as the legislative head of Reserve Bank Of India(RBI) succeeding Raghuram Rajan.

Important positions of Urjit Patel

  • Advisor, Boston Consulting cluster.
  • President, Reliance Industries Limited- 2015.
  • Executive Director, Infrastructure Development nondepository financial institution (1997-2006).
  • Member, Integrated Energy Policy Committee, Government of India (2004-2006).
  • Non-Executive Director, Gujarat State crude oil Corporation Ltd.
  • Non-Executive Director, Multi commodities exchange of India Ltd.
  • Deputy Governor, reserve bank of India(RBI).
  • Governor, reserve bank of India(RBI) (From 4th Sep, 2016 ).

RBI Governors List 1 April 1935-2016

  1. Sir Osborne Smith (1 April 1935 – 30 June 1937)
  2. Sir James Braid Taylor (1 July 1937 – 17 February 1943)
  3. Sir C. D. Deshmukh (11 August 1943 – 30 June 1949)
  4. Sir Benegal Rama Rau (1 July 1949 – 14 January 1957)
  5. K. G. Ambegaonkar (14 February 1957 – 28 February 1957)
  6. H. V. R. Iyengar (1 March 1957 – 28 February 1962)
  7. P. C. Bhattacharya (1 March 1962 – 30 June 1967)
  8. L. K. Jha (1 July 1967 – 3 May 1970)
  9. B. N. Adarkar (4 May 1970 – 15 June 1970)
  10. S. Jagannathan (16 June 1970 – 19 May 1975)
  11. N. C. Sen Gupta (19 May 1975 – 19 August 1975)
  12. K. R. Puri (20 August 1975 – 2 May 1977)
  13. M. Narasimham (2 May 1977 – 30 November 1977)
  14. Dr. I. G. Patel (1 December 1977 – 15 September 1982)
  15. Dr. Manmohan Singh (16 September 1982 – 14 January 1985)
  16. A. Ghosh (15 January 1985 – 4 February 1985)
  17. R. N. Malhotra (4 February 1985 – 22 December 1990)
  18. S. Venkitaramanan (22 December 1990 – 21 December 1992)
  19. Dr. C. Rangarajan (22 December 1992 – 21 November 1997)
  20. Dr. Bimal Jalan (22 November 1997 – 6 September 2003)
  21. Dr. Y. V. Reddy (6 September 2003 – 5 September 2008)
  22. Dr. D. Subbarao (6 September 2008 – 3 September 2013)
  23. Dr. Raghuram Rajan (4 September 2013- 2016) 
  24. Dr. Urjit Patel has been appointed the reserve bank of India (RBI) Governor-20 August 2016


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