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Lenovo Z2 Plus to Launch in India on September 22

Lenovo Z2 Plus

Lenovo can launch the Z2 and, that is presumably renamed Zuk Z2, in India on September 22. the corporate was teasing the launch of the Z2 and for the previous few days on its social media channels. however on Saturday, it sent out media invitations for an incident in New Delhi, wherever it might launch the phone.

Although for currently, we do not understand if the Z2 and goes to be a twin of the Zuk Z2, that is oversubscribed in China, or if there'll be changes. we have a tendency to suspect that the hardware goes to be specifically same however on computer code facet there can be some changes.

Talking of the Z2 and hardware, this can be aiming to be one powerful phone, in all probability the foremost powerful that Lenovo has launched up to now within the country. It uses the Qualcomm flower 820 processor and incorporates a 5-inch FullHD screen. It additionally 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera.

The phone uses automaton half-dozen aka candy and though automaton candy is currently the most recent version of an automaton, we do not see the Z2 and shipping with candy.

Unlike the Z1, that came to India nearly a year when its world launch (largely attributable to legal problems encompassing gas OS), the Z2 aka the Z2 and is coming back to the country barely months when its international unveil. this can be excellent news for customers.

For not a lot of is understood regarding the value of the Z2 and. however the Zuk Z2 sells for around $270 in China and if that kind of worth holds, the Z2 and in India could value somewhere near Rs twenty,000, which can additionally build it in all probability the most cost effective phone mistreatment flower 820. The Z1 was launched at a worth of but Rs 14,000, but that was a curiously aggressive worth on the part of Lenovo as a result of it had been the associate degree recent phone. The Z2 and can presumably have an additional regular worth.


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