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Business Loan Without a Collateral in India

A major demand for the establishment of a brand new business is capital within the sort of equity or debt. within the case of initial generation entrepreneurs, each equity, and debt is exhausting to come by and could be a major hurdle for several initial time / initial generation entrepreneurs. Therefore, in an attempt to push initial generation entrepreneurs and their dreams of putting in place a business, the govt of India through the Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for micro and small Enterprises (CGTMSE) provides access for initial generation entrepreneurs to bank credit while not the hassles of collaterals / third party guarantees up to 1 crore.

Objectives Of Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for micro and small Enterprises (CGTMSE)

The main objective is that the investor ought to offer importance to project viability and secure the credit facility strictly on the first security of the assets supported. the opposite objective is that the investor availing guarantee facility ought to endeavor…

Credit Card Default - How to Do Credit Card Settlement Process

Who can asking this question that is how to do settlement of credit card debt obtusely we understand that you are in financial crises.

Settle you credit card debt means paying money less than what is you owned. So, how to let us discuss it.

1. Approach the creditor and put the proposal of settlement and tell them briefly about your financial problem why your default to pay the credit card payment.

2. If the creditor will satisfy or accepts your version will eligible for a settlement of credit card debt. suppose your proposal was approved by creditor what next.

3. The creditor will waiver the all the interests, charges and extra fees and they fixed actual total money to pay with some of the conditions. here you will ask them to waiver as much as possible.

4. The creditor will not give more time to pay this settlement of credit debts maximum 6 months with 6 EMIs.

5. If you and creditor will agree on the settlement then you will enter into the settlement of credit card debts agreement.

6. For t…

How to Make Money With Social Media?

Social media is an opportunity to make money online from home here not required any office you can work from anywhere you like and work on free time. making money from social media based on skills and passion. I like only make money without any investment like many people. social media giving very big opportunity for many people. they are earning millions of dollars on social media. social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, google plus, Pinterest, Digg,..etc. like this, so many social media sites have crores of users are active. so, this social media platforms is a great way promote your business and product to make money.

Here I am not writing 100s of ways to make money from social media. I want to discuss only 1 types of the method to making money from social media this is more effective way to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means an agency to the company for selling their products from your referral code. From this method, many people are earning milli…

4 Steps to Check Engine Oil, With Images

Checking and change engine oil regularly is a good idea. how we protect the engine from regular checking and changing engine oils the engine life and performance will be the better. the main element of the vehicle is engine oil it is key to perform well about the condition of the vehicle. like how the blood to human body like that only engine oil to the vehicles. Let see how we will check engine oil level for bikes.

1. Better To Cheak engine oil in the morning it's the good time to check the engine oil level because at the time of morning engine will be cool and stay stable then only we can know correct level of the engine oil.

2. Before checking the engine oil in the vehicle. the vehicle should be the park on the main stand. then we know correct level of engine oil.

3. Remove the dipstick by using the cutting player from the engine. and first, clean the dipstick with a cotton or a cloth. again put the dip stick in engine completely like fit it. then remove once again now you can obs…

Amazing Story About Ramoji Rao [Ramoji Film City]

[caption id="attachment_1195" align="aligncenter" width="608"] Ramoji Rao[/caption]

How to Create the Facebook Page for Cloth Store, Small Business?

Facebook is the largest social media network. crores of peoples using the facebook all over the world and also it's a free social media site. This is the reason most of the companies are advertising their products in facebook very cheap rate when compare to other advertising networks. ok, but what about small business people they are not interesting to pay money for advertisements. No problem facebook is the free site to advertising the products and businesses just to create a business page freely let us go how to create the facebook page for business.

Go to login with your user id or create new account

Click on right side of facebook page its settings list will drop down in that list select the create page you can see in the image.

Here you will select one of the options like Local business or Place, Company Organisation or institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Brand or Public figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community.

We are discussing cloth store and small business yo…

Smartwatch Comparison Guide: Best Smartwatch Comparison of Prices and Features

A smartwatch may be a computerized wristwatch with the practicality that goes on the far side timekeeping. whereas early models will perform basic tasks, like calculations, translations, and game-playing, 2010s smartwatches area unit effectively wearable computers. several run mobile apps, employing a mobile software system. Some smartwatches operate as portable media players, with FM radio and playback of digital audio and video files via a Bluetooth or USB headset. Some models, additionally known as 'watch phones', feature full mobile capability, and might create or answer phone calls or text messages.

In this Article of our Smartwatch Comparison Guide, we are including 7 smartwatches about prices, specification, and product details:

Bingo U8 Smartwatch  (Black Strap)
Shan U8 Bluetooth Smartwatch (Black Strap)
Divine U8 Black Smartwatch (Black Strap)
Ocean I U8-1 Black Smartwatch (Black Strap)
Digipluse U8 Black Smartwatch (Black Strap)
Cuvva U8 Smartwatch (Black Strap)
Medulla U8 F…