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4 Steps to Check Engine Oil, With Images

Checking and change engine oil regularly is a good idea. how we protect the engine from regular checking and changing engine oils the engine life and performance will be the better. the main element of the vehicle is engine oil it is key to perform well about the condition of the vehicle. like how the blood to human body like that only engine oil to the vehicles. Let see how we will check engine oil level for bikes.

1. Better To Cheak engine oil in the morning it's the good time to check the engine oil level because at the time of morning engine will be cool and stay stable then only we can know correct level of the engine oil.

2. Before checking the engine oil in the vehicle. the vehicle should be the park on the main stand. then we know correct level of engine oil.

3. Remove the dipstick by using the cutting player from the engine. and first, clean the dipstick with a cotton or a cloth. again put the dip stick in engine completely like fit it. then remove once again now you can observe the oil level on the dipstick.

4. If engine oil level will be low. fill with well-branded engine oil. After filling engine oil do not start immediately leave it for 5-10mins.


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