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How Can I Earn Money Online at Home Without any Investment

earn money online

It's a good idea you got because of most of the people searches to online earning money without investment, get ready to start a journey how can I earn money online without any investment.

Earning money online have so many ways, but I want to share you how to earn money from blogging.

What is a Blog?

The blog is a platform to share thoughts and knowledge of the blogger to the users in the form of posting series of articles.

Many bloggers are earning a lot of money every month by Adsense and affiliate marketing.

Here Top 5 Highest Google Adsense Earners in the World
  1. founder was Courtney Rosen, Monthly earning from google Adsense is $350,000.
  2. founder was Pete Cashmore, Monthly earning from google Adsense is $250,000.
  3. founder was Shawn hogan, Monthly earning from google Adsense is $195,000
  4. founder was Markus Frind, Monthly revenue from google Adsense is $190,000
  5. founder was Kevin Rose, Monthly income from google Adsense is $150,000.
Start writing useful articles to users you will be on this list

How to Start a blog in 

Go to it offers free hosting just signup with our Gmail account it's easy and simple.

Left side top click on new blog, Add Title of your blog, custom domain from blogger  (ex;, the select template you like.
earn money online

click on view blog, you can see your blog. start the posting with good and useful articles to the users.

Creating a blog and posting articles are not generates the income, You have to sign up with google Adsense account or affiliate marketing's sites(online retailers).

What is google Adsense? How it Works

Google Adsense is the advertising service by google. it will publish the advertisements on your blog or website pages and earn the money when visitors view and click on ads.

earn money online

Go to google Adsense account and signup with Gmail account enter the website address and apply to google Adsense approval its simple, follow google Adsense guidelines.

What is affiliate marketing? How it works

Affiliate marketing means selling products of online retailer pays commission to external websites for sale generated from its referrals (ex: Clickbank).

Register any of the online retailers like click bank, amazon, ..etc. promote their products on your blog or website when the visitor can purchase the product you will get the commission.


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