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Lenovo's AntVR Headset- Specifications,Users Reviews,Buyer Guide of AntVR

AntVR Headset
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ANT VR (Designed for Lenovo K5 Note)  (Smart Glasses)

Make watching movies on your phone a lot of immersive and enjoyable with this try of good glasses from AntVR. The device incorporates a unique folding style, therefore, you'll be able to easily carry it on journeys and outings. watching your favourite movies on your phone with a theatre like expertise, you'll be able to currently make long journeys within the bus less boring.


In The Box


  • Brand: ANT
  • Model variety: PA15LF55A/PA15LF53A
  • Brand Color: Black
  • Model Name: AntVR (Designed for Lenovo K5 Note)
  • Type: Smart Glasses
  • Field of read: 100 Degree

Platform options

  • Compatible Devices: Lenovo K4 Note, K5 plus and K3 Note
  • Compatible OS: Android 6.0 marshmallow

Camera features

  • Other features: Foldable and portable, It Support Phone Sizes ranging from 4.5-inches to 6-inches, will be Used with the Reading Glasses On.

Additional features

  • Other features: Foldable and transportable, It Support Phone Sizes ranging from four.5-inches to 6-inches, will be Used with the Reading Glasses On.


  • Weight: 159 g
  • Other Dimensions: Dimensions: 16 x vi.1 x 10.4 cm


  • Warranty summary: 30 Days warrant Provided by the Manufacturer from Date of Purchase.

AntVR Headset
Product Description

If you wish a lot of engaging and immersive experience while watching your favourite movie, then strap on this AntVR headset. It's an ideal answer for an honest VR experience.

TheaterMax Optimized

This AntVR headset is designed to optimise your moving picture watching experience to a whole new level. you can get pleasure from a theater-like viewing experience from the comfort of
AntVR Design
your space.


This AntVRheadset is ergonomically designed to supply a comfort fit. It features a singular folding style that permits you to fold the headset to create it a lot of compact and simple to hold around, close to anyplace.

AntVR Headset Visual Experience
Large Than Life Visual Experience

Watching action movies on the little screen of your phone takes away half the fun. however due to this AntVR headset's wide viewing angle of concerning a hundred degrees, you'll enjoy a lot of realistic viewing experience.

Reviews and Ratings of AntVR- 3.7

Ant VR Headset Reviews and Ratings

4★ Pretty smart

Good product (AntVR) if your planning to use it for 30min scoop
Beyond 30min you'll face drawback one
1 getting face slap I mean .. marks on face bcz of the high tension within the rubber band of the merchandise...
2second issue. outsource light-weight bleed into the gear..which cause you to desire your watch flick light-weight on in the theatre.

arul malar:Certified client,28 Sep, 2016

5★ Awesome .. however must some work
Though it is not my initial AntVR expertise, however, it's manufacture impressive viewing expertise. Nice build, smart lenses, the nice strap, however, it'll be higher if it had a head strap additionally.
For 360° viewing you have got to solely watch YouTube video in 2k or 1080p mode. otherwise, you will reserve it in offline mode. however which will be saved in 720 p mode what is not, therefore, nice. you'll be able to install app video 360 for higher visibility.
*** currently coming back to the purpose that however may u management metropolis device whereas observance in hymenopteran or. Yeap u should purchase a controller otherwise you will use a USB mouse. affirmative you'll be able to management metropolis mob with a mouse. simply connect metropolis mouse with any OTG adapter. Done...***

Tapas Guchhait:Certified client,7 Aug, 2016

3★ A lot of pixels seen with k5 note
In isolation the product is nice. The designed is nice, the perimeters area unit open which implies you'll place your fingers on the phone to manage it.
But the important downside is after you place the phone in it. The show gets pixellated. that is what I saw with my vibration k5 note. It's a lot of with the screen of the mobile itself than to place a blame on hymenopter AntVR. really the 1980*1200 screen is incredibly sensible in traditional settings, however, it cannot be simply placed behind the lenses wherever you get a virtual larger screen and thence the pixels get apart and become disturbingly visible. You get a sense of previous generation colour TV. This marks theatre mix expertise. I attempted with 1080p movies however pixels simply do not get away.
To people who area unit giving it a high rating, area unit you pleased with the pixels? Or your hymenopter vr doesn't show pixels!

dmkb71: Certified buyer,16 Aug 2016

3★ Its ok ok
It's not the particular Antvr as a result of it showing on one hundred degrees solely and actual vr can show at 360 degrees....but it's smart to visualize movies simply work.

Saurabh Sharma:Certified emptor,6 Aug 2016

4★ Good quality product - Lenovo's AntVR
Really theater like expertise

SACHIN KUMAR SINGH: Certified emptor,18 Sep, 2016

5★ Perfect
Give excellent expertise of theater. I'm suggesting to all or any of you.

Tauqeer Ahmad: Certified emptor,22 May 2016

5★Loved it
Awesome product at an awfully less worth. Viewing angles excellent.

Anuvesh Singh: Certified emptor,22 May 2016

5★Great product
Nice product

Flipkart client:Certified emptor,7 Sep, 2016

3★ Not too smart simply OK...
I offer three Stars bcoz I expected that it's 3D however it's solely second read theater screen, it does not have earplugs that create it, therefore, easy and a few lights may inhume by sides that distract American state most after I watch movies, it's not that smart as I assumed, however, UN agency desire an easy second read massive theater kind personal screen should purchase it.

Yashwant Kumar Singh: Certified emptor,7 May 2016

5★ Awesome AntVR!
Great product at the worth of five hundred with Lenovo Antvr ambiance k5 note

Flipkart client: Certified emptor,21 Aug 2016

                                            BUY NOW ON FLIPKART@1299


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