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All You Need To Know About Engine Oil Distributorship

Engine oils are extracted from underground. many divisions occur in raw oil before engine oil.

engine oils or motor oil use in all type of vehicle's and industrial machines and also it will use.

Engine oil is most important to the vehicle there is no engine oil in the engine vehicle can not run. so, oil business evergreen business. the competition also the little bit high. 

Whatever it is oil business is minimum guarantee business, vehicle increasing rapidly so oil demand will also high.

what is the distributorship?

Manufacturing Company will convert final product. the products will not sell directly to the customer. they appoint the distributors. the product will travel from distributor to wholesaler next retailer then the consumer.

How To Get The Dealership Or Distributorship From Brand Oil Company?

  • Distributors are only a few numbers may be 50-70 distributors per state.
  • The company only offers distributorship to the existing wholesalers or retailers.
  • Apply for distributorship by giving the resume to the company.
  • Provide your credit report to the company. the company can also verify the credit status of the payments and debt to you before you getting the distributorship.
  • Company ask the cash deposit for stock. for distributorship loans will also available from the bank if do not have sufficient money to get distribution ship.
  • Stock storage godown is required and it was compulsory also
  • Enter into agreement for distribution ship. you will deposit the money for stock.
Apply for the distributorship licences and TIN, ToT, Labour Licence.

Training to the distributors the company will conduct the training seminars to the newly appointed distributors. attend the training seminars.

Appoint the employees sales and accounts. make two separate departments sales and accounts. sales person only they can sell the product and collection accountant will only for the accounts.

The commercial vehicle also Nessaccary for suppling the goods to consumers.

The distributor will fulfil the company sales target. eligible for the schemes.

Develop the marketing plan to reach the targeted customers.

The company offer many gifts and schemes to distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.

The company have rights to cancel the distribution ship at any time. if any violating the terms and conditions of the company.

The distributor can earn 10% of margin on sale and also receives the points to gift vouchers.

The risk to the engine oil distributorship is Credit facility to the wholesalers and retailer is was a headache to the distributor. some wholesalers and retailers are not doing the payment at given time. 


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