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I Don't Want To Spend This Much Time On Loan On Credit Card. How About You?

loan on credit card

Basically, credit card handling for shoppings, travel, hotels, bookings, recharges, acquire fuel,...etc.

The nature of the credit card is spending money without using your own savings money. pay the outstanding balance after 50 days from bill generating date.

I Can Get Loan from my Credit Card?

Yes, the credit card is not only for spending goods and service it will also provide the loan by blocking the credit limit on your credit card.

Features of Loan on Credit Card

  • Loan up to the 90 percent of credit card limit (ex: the limit is 1 lakh on your card you can get the loan 90000)
  • The rate of interest will be 14 - 18%.
  • Processing fees will be 1 - 1.8% of the total loan amount.
  • Insurance (depends on age)
  • Loan period 6 months - 36 months.
  • No documentation requied
  • No surities or post dated cheque are required.
  • No address verification.

Eligible For Loans On Credit Card

You have a good track record of payments all the transaction and spendings on your credit card.
The payment history becomes the eligibility for loans on credit card.

The creditor also considers the credit report on your financial profile.

Loan Processing

Contact customer care centre and request for your loan requirement. the teller will ask you security questions about your credit card info and person information.

Teller connects with IVR you have to enter one-time password sent to your registered mobile number.

Funds Transfer

Funds will transfer to your bank account already links to credit card at the time of issued.

If you do not link any bank account to the credit card. you have to submit the cancel cheque to a creditor.

Time Taken for Fund Transfer

Loan on credit card will not take more time to process. it will be the very short time because the creditor or bank will reduce the credit limit on your credit card then approve the loan. so, its was easy and fast to get money from banks.

Time takes to credits the money in your bank account 30 mins to 24 hours.

Repayment Of Loan

Every month EMI will add to the credit card payments. the payment date will same as per due date of the credit card.

This is EMI's will reflect on cibil report for future loans. So, do not default to pay the credit card loan.

This article was written by own experience I was taken a one lakh forty thousand of the loan on my credit card. So I am sharing this information, I hope this information about loans on credit card useful to you if like this article please feel free to share and give any suggestion or query on comment box your comments will very valuable to us thank you.


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