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Why How To Start Water Plant Industry Had Been So Popular Till Now?

The water plant is also called as a water purifier industry. it removes the undesirable chemicals, biological containments and dust. the aim of this water filter is to provide clean and pure quality drinking water to the human.

Water purifying is helped to prevent the human from many diseases like Florida, cholera, typhoid, diarrhea,..etc.

You have to plan to start a water plant industry. let us know how to start the water plant and necessary needs to establish water plant step by step.

  • Water resources will be must and should it may be underground water or river water or lack water. whatever water it is required more water resource if there is low water level better don't plan to establish water plant business because this industry completely based on raw water only there no alternate.

1. Capacity. Basically, water plants are the different type of capacity to filter. they are 500, 1000, 2000,up to 500,000 litres filter per hour. decide which is best for your capital.

Note: If you want above 500,000 litres for heavy water plant industry is also available in the market.

2. Space. Required space as per your plant capacity to establishing the water plant industry.

3. Permissions. Mandatory permissions are
  • Food Safety Department
  • Labour Department
  • Electricity Department For Commercialising The Electricity Metre.

4. Purchase water plant from a good well-known company. The company will completely fit the plant and also give you the training how to operate the water plant.

5. Testing Lab. Testing lab is compulsory for testing the filtered water. kept this lab separately in industry surroundings.

6. Overhead tank. water will be flow easily to plant without the motor.

7. Storage. Filtered water will be stored in a clean tank and kept at the safe place.

8. Water bubbles. for supplying the water to the customers.

9. The mini commercial vehicle for transporting the water babools.

Disadvantage Of Water Purified Industry

1. Labour problem is heavy in this industry because work is very hard.

2. Consumption of electricity will be very high.

3. Competition is high.

4. The government also establishing the plants in cities and villages (RO water plants).

Tips To Success In Water Plant Industry

  • Research on supply and demand
  • Study the market with patience if you have confidence this business have demand will be constant to come 10 years.
  • Do not invest heavily if your beginner to the business.
  • Manage the expenses as much as possible.
  • Do not depend on labour.
  • Maintain bookkeeping.
  • Be positive.

This article for starting a water plant industry was written by my personal experience. I think this article is useful to you if you like please share it or give me any suggestions by comments on below commenting box thank you.


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