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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Credit Cards

Credit card

What is Credit Card?

A credit card is also function as ATM cards a borrowing money from banks for shopping, travelling, daily expenses..etc. the bank will update a bill generating date every month at the time of approval. spending money after bill generated date you have to pay the money back to the bank after 45-50 days of the time period without any charges. some banks will offers discounts and cash back offers by spending money. this is a reason the people are attracted towards credit cards.

How to Apply for the Credit card?

Appling ATM cards by the direct approach to the bank or from the online. Here we discussing Two type of profiles is there 1. Employees 2. Self-employee.


  • Two Photos
  • KYC documents (Pan card, Address Proof, signature proof)
  • Current payment offer letter
  • Three months Pay clips
  • Fill the application form and agree to all terms and conditions of the banks.


  • Two photos
  • KYC documents (Pan card, Address Proof, signature proof)
  • Business proof (Government recognised any proof will accept)
  • 2 years income tax returns

Fill the application form and agree to all terms and conditions of the banks.

Note: Approved when the address verification, phone verification, cibil score, and past loans tracks will be positive without any defaults.

How to Get Cash from the Credit card?

ATM card mostly used for shopping and services. An ATM card can allow to take cash from your limit by loan or directly from ATM card but interest, processing fees and tax will charge the bank.

What Happen by Default to Pay the Credit card Payments?

ATM cards will offer you by bases of your cibil scorer and past loans track. when you default to pay the ATM bill obtusely your credit report and credit score will high affected in future may you don't get any loans. and also the bankers will be harassed by phone calling and third party agents will come at your home. finally, the issue will be on the court of law.

How to settle credit card debts?

ATM card settlement is very bad. don't go to ATM card settlement because in future you don't get any loans. If you have the financial problem you are in the tough situation then only you can approach the banker and explain your problem and ask them as much as possible to decrease the payment.
Go to the settlement agreement and take the settlement letter from the banker.

Note: settlement latter will be important for future reference.

This article about credit cards wrote by my personal experiences and some information I collected from others who are using the credit card. I hope this article is useful to you. if you like this article please share it thank you. 


  1. PAN Card is an important document so we should keep it with care and know your pan no by your name and DOB.


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