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Six Facts That Nobody Told You About Start A Transport Commission Business

Transport business profits are generated in the form of commissions. transportation plays an important role in a country economy.

Every industry depends on transport for coming raw material to industry and outgoing final good to a consumer by transport.

Not only industries common people also use this service for many types of needs.

Transport commission businessman is the middleman in between companies and truck owners. So, for this commission business, you do not need any own vehicles to do this business. 

Required a less investment. some transport commission agents are running successfully without any investment also.

Basically, two type of the transport system for the commercial vehicles are in this market they are:

Heavy Truck Transportation Are heavy containers or heavy trucks 16 tires, 12tires,10 tire vehicles have come under these heavy truck transportation. 

This heavy vehicle carries the load 10 tonnes to 40 tonnes capacity.

The permit of this heavy trucks have all over the country for transporting the goods and services.

Mini Trucks Transportation: Mini trucks carries the load mostly 1 tonne to 6 tonnes. These are 4, 6 tire vehicles that are why these vehicles are called as the mini vehicle.

These mini trucks are permits to transport goods and service under local cities and state. If necessary you can take the permission to all over the country.

Still Now You Have Learnt About The Types Of Commercial Transport System

Now discussing the topic about how to start a transport commission business successfully

1. Experience is compulsory to this transport commission business. If do not have any previous experience in transport field success chance is very low In some time it may causes loss also.

2. Routes and Prices. You have to know the clear idea about the every route, distance and prices all over the country.

3. The office is mandatory that will be on road front and also arrange the parking facility to the vehicle it may be Rent or lease. extra restrooms for drivers and helpers.

4. Advertisement. Transport business will run maximum on phones only the orders and bookings all will be on the phones. So, phone numbers and firm name will advertise widely. mainly in industries sectors, booking offices and also transport contractors.

Note: Do not change the phone numbers at any cause 

5. Communication. Here you are the middle man in between companies and trucks owners. so, you have to maintain good communication skills.

6. Maintain Good Communication with your competitors. in this transport commission business sharing the order and bookings will work so maintain the good relationship with your competitors.

Golden Points To Become A Successful Transport Commission Businessman

  • Regular touch with vehicle owners and companies, booking offices, and transport contractors.
  • Maintain a record of the vehicle numbers and phones numbers.
  • Maintain bookkeeping for accounts.
  • Responses the phone rings even at night time also
  • Be genuine and honest in the transporting market it will improve your business.  

I am written this article by my personal experience and also discussed by few transporters. I feel this transport commission business article is useful to you. please feel free to give the suggestion in the form of comments and also share it thank you.


  1. Unusual gadgets require specialist transportation. this niche is tremendously lucrative but additionally complicated. that’s as it calls for a extraordinary deal of care and expertise, depending on what you are transporting.

    then, too, transporting something precise will make it easier if you want to create a brand identity and market your provider.


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