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Things That Make You Love And Hate Which Is The Best Trading In The Stock Market

the best trading

Today I want to share you about the best trading in stock market. Mainly these stock market divided into three types of the tradings they are:

  1. Equity Trading
  2. Futures And Options Trading
  3. Interday Trading

Before we discussing this three trading, we have to know

What Is The Stock Market Investment?

A stock market or share market is a buying and selling the shares of the companies. that includes securities listed on the stock exchange as well as trading privately.

The private companies sold the share to the investors through equity crowdfunding platform.

How To Open The Account To Start A Stock Market Business?

If you want to start the stock market business, very first thing you have do open a Demat account (links from your savings account). choose the best stock broking company. deposited the funds in the Demat account and start the buying and selling the shares.

Letus discuss the stock market investment briefly step by step

equity investment

Equity investment is the long-term investment and also it will be permanent shares offer by the company to the investors.

If you purchase a stock in a company today on the equity (cash), you can sell the stock when you want to sell, there is no time restriction.

This equity(cash)  trading have the low risk when compare to the options and futures and interday tradings.

For example: If you purchase a good stock, unfortunately after buying the share the stock will start towards down. what you will do? if it sold you will get the loss, you have to hold the stock when the actual price will come or increase it. You can not hold a long time in futures and options or interday, only in the equity(cash) only you will hold the stock until you will get the profits.

In the equity(cash) shareholders, the company will give the bonus for long-term investors on profits.

futures and options

Futures and options are the short periods trading stocks. the price of the stocks will also different from the equity stock price.

The companies will offer the stocks in lot sizes, not in single stock. here in this future and options, the investor will face high profits or high losses.

Futures and options are very risk trading business in the share market.

If you purchased a stock on future and option, the stock will expire in one month, After expires the stock will sell automatical by the stock exchange, it will be profit or loss.


Interday Trading means the only trading on today,  the investor will trade in between opening time and closing time of the stock exchange.

This interday trading game makes heavy profits with low investment and also possible to get heavy losses.

In the Interday trading, the stocks are available in lot sizes (ex: 1000,2000 lots of stocks). the time period of this game is only one day from opening to the closing time of the stock exchange. At the time of the closing time, if you are not sold the purchased stocks the stock exchange will sell the stocks without your permission.


Equity (cash) trading is the best trading in the stock market. It will give the good profits with low risk on investment and also you will receive the bonus of companies profits. long-term investment is the best.


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