10 Mar 2017

Step By Step Process To Start Dosa Point

dosa point

Food processing business is the major profitable business. In the olden days, hotels and restaurants are available in some areas. today's marketing concept was total changed if you want any item at any time the service will be at your doorstep.

 The competition is also heavy in this business.

In this article, our topic is dosa point on the vehicles. dosa points on the remodel vehicles are increasing all over the India widely.

One of the company in Hyderabad doing 2 crores turnover business per year. this is an example we know the demand of the dosa points.

What Is Dosa Point?

In the earlier days, the tiffins in India services are available on the road side small pushing vehicles and small tiffin centres. from that concept that business remodelled with dosa point. dosa point is nothing but selling the varieties of dosas and tiffins.

What are the aspects/things I should consider before starting this business? 

Very first thing you have consider is this business is suitable to you are not. why I am talking about this means most of the people are depends on chefs and other workers to run the business. that is main cause the business will become a failure.

So, do not depend on others if you have a confident to work yourself without any worker then there is no doubt your business will success in no time.

What Are The Requirements To Start The Dosa Point?

You will be the dosa expert this is the first qualification you will be required. if not, you will need training.

Special Taste: Actually the aim of this dosa point is to provide the menu with the different type of the dosas and right taste comparing to normal hotels and tiffins centres. so, for this, you will be needed the training to become a dosa export.

Location: For this dosa point one of the great advantages is there. the advantage is these dosa points are arranged in vehicles so you can shift the business one place to another where the sell is good. so for this business, there is no location problem.

Vehicle: Purchase a mini truck of 1-tonne loaded capacity old or new vehicle. remodel it into dosa point.

Investment: Dosa point capital investment is somewhat more when compare to the small tiffin centres. most of the investment will be on the purchasing and be remodel the vehicle only.

Employees: Employees are required based on your sale.

What Are Permission Required For Dosa Point In India?

Vehicle documentation will be compulsory because this dosa point is arranged in the vehicle and it will movable.

Labour department, municipal department and traffic police permission are needed.

Note: The secret of success for this dosa point business only depends on the taste and quality that it.

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