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You Should Experience Earn Money On Facebook At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why

earn money on facebook

We are all active on facebook with thousands of friends. daily updating the photos, videos, and every moment was sharing with others. but, we have to examine once what is the value of this kind of stuff on facebook we are doing daily.

On the facebook, 1.86 billions of monthly active users are there as per 2017 statistics, all over the world.

Why can't we use the facebook as a platform to earn money?

Yes, this was a brilliant question. do know some people are earning money from facebook million dollars monthly.

How To Earn Money From Facebook Page Without Investment? 

In this article am discuss tips to earn money on facebook.

Facebook is a social media site we signup free and billions of people are interacting on this site we know all these stuff. so by use, this platform earning is very easy without investment.

  1. First signup with facebook with simple steps below
  2. Go to
  3. Click on signup
  4. Fill up the necessary columns
  5. Verify your mobile number

Congratulations your Facebook account was successfully created.

Add the friends increase the followers this information is for newbies to the facebook. but you have already owned the account simply follow from this point onwards.

Create Facebook Page:

You have a personal account on facebook it was not effective work on earning money. you have to create the facebook page.
  1. Go facebook 
  2. Right corner click on drop down icon
  3. Click on create page
  4. Facebook navigates the creation of page step by step follow it. 
Creating the facebook page is not final this was the beginning step to start make the money on facebook.

The source of making money on facebook is affiliate marketing. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is in simple word selling the goods and services of the others without any investment is called as affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Process?

Online companies conduct these programmes. Simply signup with affiliate account on online. pick up the product which you have to promote and start selling that product on your facebook page you will get the commission on the sale.

Which Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program Online?

Too many affiliate marketers are there in the online. Amazon, ClickbankShareasale are the top site for the affiliate programmes. In India Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal are most popular sites offering the affiliate programme to the marketers.

How To Promote Affiliate Links On Facebook?

After signing the affiliate programme from selected company. the affiliate programmer will give a link on your user id. you have to promote the link on your facebook.

I am taking Clickbank as an example. Login to click bank account and go to the marketplace on above the page and click on it by default all the categories and products appear select one of them and genarate the link its simple.

Copy the link and paste it on your facebook page promote the link to your friends and followers. you will get the commisssion on sale.

How Much Commission Will Get On Affiliate Marketing?

Commissions will be based on products it will 1% to 12% on sale. 


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