7 Mar 2017

Step By Step Process Start A Footwear Retail Business

footwear store business

The footwear retail business is a profitable business.

You assume to start a footwear shop business is the best faith.

The people often buy shoes and footwear updated models.

So, the footwear business is the evergreen business in any county where the human life is there.

If you are planning to start the footwear business in India this is the best time to step in.

In this business, you will get High margins of profits.

Let us start our main topic "How To Start Footwear Business In India" step by step.

Investment Needed To Start A [Footwear Business]

You have already know that every business need capital to start a business.

For footwear business, the minimum investment will be 5 lakhs rupees to maximum not estimated. because it may be in crores depends on your business expansion.

My advice for startup businesses will not go to large investment.

You will start the business with low investment and move to business to the next level.


Mainly for retail shop businesses location is very important.

If you selected a wrong location for your business. within the short period, your business will be shut down.

So, Be care about selecting the right location for establishing your footwear retail business.

My advice to focus on the public heavily flow area and also prefer on road facing shop. it will help you to increase your sales and easy to advertise your business for attracting new customers.

80% of any retail business success depends on location only.

Bullet points for selecting a location to start a footwear business.

  • Supply and Demand

  • Road front

  • Public Flow

  • Shopping Area

Basic Requirements For Footwear Retail Business

The very first thing you have to do is contact the distributors and suppliers of the companies branded and non-branded products in your area.

Catch the shop as a rent or lease

Decorate the shop with

  • Cupboards

  • Fall ceiling

  • Lighting very attractive.

Furniture required for the shop like:

  • Sofas

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Counter

  • Foot measures instrument

A light board with shop name with a good design for eye-catching. it will arrange in front of the shop.

Registrations and Permissions Needed

The footwear retail business will need some of the necessary registrations and permissions

they are:
  • Labour license

  • Municipal license

  • GST license

These are mandatory for registrations for operating the business without any interruptions from the government side.
Insurance is also one of the important need for the purpose of safety.

Advertise Your Business.

The advertisement plays a key role in success in the business.

For the footwear shops or any business, an advertisement is a king for growing the business to the next level.

Many multinational companies are spending crores of rupees on advertising their product or business.

Therefore, here the advertising method to attract the people very fastly and easily to your business.

In this competitive world, the advertisement is the most important to increase the sales and services of your business.

The effective way to reach your business to the people:

  • Social Media(Free)

  • TVs

  • Newspaper

  • Holdings

  • banners

  • Paper Puppets

  • Mouth Publicity also works
These are the best way to advertise your business some of them are paid ads some are free.

Here we have to discuss one thing the TV, Paper ads are more expensive.

For small businesses or shops, it will be tough to advertise TVs and Paper.

So, the best way you have to advertise with low budget is local tv channels, paper puppets, and free facebook page promotion is the cheapest and free advertisement methods for your business.

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