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The Latest Trend In How To Start A Footwear Shop In India

footwear shop in india

The footwear retail business is a profitable business. you assume of start a footwear shop is the best faith. footwear business is the evergreen business.

High margins are beyond in this business.

Let us know what are steps for starting a footwear shop in  India.

How Much Investment Needed To Start A Footwear Business?

The investment will depend on your budget. if you want to start a big franchise showroom needed more investment whereas for the small retail shop you will need a little investment.

Estimation for starting the footwear shop is minimum 2 lakhs to maximum 1 crore or more than 1 crore it will depend on your financial status.

If you are the beginner for this business, my suggestion will start with a low investment increase the business step by step.

How To Choose The Best Location For Your Business?

The location is the very important for retail shops. 

Half-Half of the success will depend on the location of the shop.

  • Every business based on demand and supply.
  • For this footwear business, you have chosen where the people floating will be more.
  • The store will be the road front will be the better results.

What Are The Requirements For Footwear Shop In India?

  1. Very first thing you have to do is contact the dealers and suppliers of the footwear branded and non-branded products in your area.
  2. Catch the shop as a rent or lease, Arrange the cupboards for displaying the footwear for eye-catching.
  3. Furniture is also needed for the new shop like sofas, tables, chairs, counter,..etc.
  4. Decorate the shop with lighting for looking good and attractive.

What Are The Registrations and Permissions Needed For This Business?

The footwear business will have some of the necessary registrations and permissions they are labour licence, municipal licence, sales tax, TIN are mandatory to operate the business without any interruptions from the government.

Insurance is also one of the important need for the purpose of safety.

How To Advertise My Footwear Shop For Attract The More Customers?

The advertisement is a very important to every business into the success. For the footwear shops or any business need the advertisement for growing the business to next step. So, what are the advertising method to attract the people step into your shop? 

In this competition world, the advertisement is the playing a key role for success in sales and services.

which advertisement is the effective to reach the people? TV, Newspaper, Holdings and banners are the best way to advertise your business.

Here we have to discuss one thing the TV, Paper ads are more expensive. For small businesses or shops, it will be tough to advertise TVs and Paper. So, the best way you have to advertise with low budget is local tv channels, paper puppets, and free facebook page promotion is the cheapest and free advertisement methods for your business.  


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