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The Latest Trend In How To Start A Marble Retail Business In India

marble retail business

Marble retail business is the extremely expensive business in India.

Marble business is a very profitable business mostly, this business work north Indians. they are expanding the business all over the India.

Marble retail industry depends on the constructions and real estate.

Marble business evergreen businesses. this business will have the high impact on the real estate market. because when the real estate business in high simultaneously the marble business will be on the higher the sales.

You will need the experience before starting the business. If you have a work experience or a complete knowledge of this business is safe and easy to start the business. if there is no experience please stop thinking about the business it will be very risky.

So, let discuss the authorise the new marble retail business in India step by step

How Much Investment Needed To Start a Marble Retail Business?

Marble business is costly business and highly profitable business. for this business, the investment will be estimated as minimum 20 lakhs to maximum 5 crores rupees and more. it will depend on your budget.

What Are Requirements For New Marble Retail Business?

Contact a dealer or suppliers of the marbles. this was the first thing you have do it.

The location is very important for marble retail shop, the business analyser will be suggested the marble market is the best. here what is mean by marble market? where the marble shop already existed that market is called the marketplace that is suitable for marble retail stores. because the marketplace the required customers floating were more and the business advertising also very easy and effective.

Highway road front is better for this business

Choose the open land for lease or rent. because the marble does not need any shade. only construct an office room in that premises.

Register the firm name in labour office, sale tax office, local municipality permission and also complete some of the necessary registration for your business.

Open the current account in the firm name, do the business transactions from that current account only. it will be safe for your business from IT.

Take the swiping machine (EDC) from bank attached to your current account.

Mini transportation vehicle is also useful to your business.

Appoint two or more labours depends on your business.

How To Advertise The My Business?

This business did not need any tv, radio, paper advertisements and it will not works. the customers will compare the prices from shop to shop. mainly the sale depends on the quality of the stone and price you offered to the customer.

Mouth publicity is the works for this business.


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