8 Mar 2017

How To Start Water Supply Business In India?

water supply business

The water supplying businesses are two types mineral water supplying and normal water supplying these two type of the business have more demand in the summer season.

Mainly in the urban areas, the water problem is very high in every season. so, people will buy the water from water tankers daily.

Mineral water is for drinking purpose in urban areas and ruler areas the mineral water suppliers have more demand.

Let us discuss these normal and mineral water supply businesses briefly.

Normal water Supplying Business

Basically, these normal water supplies are huge demand in urban neighborhoods. normal water suggests for regular water not for the drinking purpose for external use only like river water and underground water.

Some areas in India the underground water level is very low. normally the water demand as high in such areas whereas in summer the problem will become very critical.

What Are The Needs For Normal Water Supplying Business?
  1. 5000 liters capacity water tanker

  2. You will need underground water facility called as borewell or river water

  3. Driver for vehicle, If you are driver com owner it will be the best for this business
The normal water supplying business is very easy and more profitable and evergreen business.

Mineral Water Supply Business

Mineral water is also called as drinking water. nowadays in India, most of the people are buying the filtered water.

Mineral water supply depends on two types if you have an own water filter plant or you will buy the water from water plant industry.

If you want to start the own water plant industry and become a supplier. I have already discussed the How To Start Water Plant Industry Had Been So Popular Till Now. or you can buy the water from water plant industry and supply it to the customers.

Filter water was heavy demand and evergreen.

What Are The Needs For Mineral Water Supplying Business?

  1. Authorize a water plant industry or agreement with water plant industry for supply with fixed price

  2. Mini goods vehicle ex: Tata ace, Piaggio.

  3. 20 liters water bubbles bottles

  4. One helper and driver
Mineral water business most of the customers will ask for the credit. So, maintain perfect records of the accounts.


If you are the only suppliers you will not need any permissions.


  • You are supplying the drinking water keep in mind. So, be careful check the filtered water daily with the TDS meter.

  • Keep the water bubbles clean. wash the battles daily

  • Fix the caps after filling the bottle with water

Note: Vehicle insurance and vehicle documents are mandatory on supply business


The water supplying businesses not need any extra advertise to sale. this business will be the increase in the form of chain system that means existing customers will give the references.

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