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How to start a automobile shop without any losses?

Automobile retail store

The very first thing you have to decide in which segment your automobile shop will be. That means two wheelers, three wheelers, four wheeler or truck segment.

You can arrange all together also but more investment required.

My advice is if you don't have experience in this business or work, please think again and research briefly.

Let us go to the next level of learning about how to start an automobile shop?

Location. This is very important for any business to success. In automobiles, the location will be where the mechanic workshop are available there will be the suitable place to launch. If the possible focus on public fulting it helps your business growth will be easy.

CAPITAL. Arrange the investment without a hand loan or bank loan. Because your business is starting stage there is no exception on your income if borrow the money from a bank or any person it will stressful for you it will reflect on your business. My advice is to arrange the investment as your own is take your family as father, mother, brother,...

The investment will be approximately 2.5 lakhs to 5 crores above.

REQUIREMENTS. Basic needs for starting a retail store.

1. Rent or Lease a road facing commercial shop.

Note: The shop road facing will be large because large road facing shop eye-catching it helps your business growth.

2. Connect all the distributor of your selling products. Buy only potential brands and make good relationship with distributor and sales executive. It helps your business.

3. Furniture like rocks and tables was required for this automobile business. Buy the furniture.

4. Name the business think for a good name. The firm name also plays an important role in business success.

5. Take the required permissions from the government in India. GST licence, Labour license, Municipal license are required.

Automobile retail business is a more profitable business. be confident and think positive you will be the success in any business.


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