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How To Start A Book & General Store Business With Very Low Investment?

Book and General Store Business

Retail Book and general store business was good profitable business and also the evergreen business. You start this business with low investment.

The bookstore is the most suitable places are nearby schools and institutions. Target customers were students.

So, let us discuss retail bookstore business with low investment.

Location. In my every post on retail business am telling business location will play an  important role to success business for this business location will be nearby schools and institutions is suitable and also heavy public fulting area is best better choose main road facing it will difficult to get main road facing shop but it helps your business growth at a short period.

Investment. Every business very first thing is the investment without investment there no business will start expecting some creative model businesses. Bookstore business we need investment min. 1,00,000/- rupees maximum. 1 crore and above.

Don't prefer bank loan or hand loans to start a business. Because your business will be in starting stage, if you get money for the interest you will not run the business I am sure. Moreover, it will be a headache for you it will reflect on your business.

My advice is to arrange money as you own or ask your parents or brothers and sisters.

Requirements. Bookstore business needs a shop to prefer road facing commercial shop.

Furniture like racks, tables chairs, fan if need some entertainment TV also.

Contact wholesalers for products they will supply the products regularly. Prefer branded companies it helps your business in starting stage.

Advertisement. Advertising plays a key role in the success of a product or any business. For this bookstore business starting advertising with pamphlets, it was very cheap and effective for small businesses. Mainly focus to distribute in schools and colleges.

Note. Lastly, believe your self-be confident success is yours, retail business will need more patience.


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