28 Aug 2018

How To Start A Software Development Company?

How To Start A Software Development Company
Start A Software Development Company

I mean this is a great question and a lot of people want to get into the software and How To Start A Software Development Company?

You need two things you need to have the skill set needed to build a company and you need to have a purpose that everybody is rallying around.

So, what you have here now if you have some skills right your programming your software developer you have all the IT skills so you have some of the skills that you need to build a business.

What you need to do to be successful is to have all of the other skill around you right you need the leadership you need the sales you need the marketing you need the customer support skills you need to strategy all the things needed to build a business and you may be weak on those you may have an interest in learning those things and getting better at them or you may think you know what I have no interest in that stuff I just want to cut code and build awesome software.

So, the bill that successful company you need that complete rounded skill set and it may involve bringing on other people who have those skills to compliment you.

The second thing you need is the purpose like what are you here to do what is your company all about what kind of amazing software do you want to build and having a clear purpose will make it easier for you to stay motivated but also easy to attract like-minded people with complementary skill sets right so if you're going to be the developer you need somebody to do the sales and marketing.

Why am I going to come and work with you it's because you're standing for something important right you're the purpose of  your business is important you're going to be adding a lot of value to people's lives you're going to be changing the world somehow so understanding that clear purpose makes it easy to attract the people around you.

Who have complementary skill sets and believe in the same thing ok so again you need to have the right skills set on your team and you need to have the core purpose everybody can rally around.

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